Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The paddle

Frank and I were texting and I started being a smart mouth as usual and he told me he didn't understand why I wasn't learning to watch my mouth. He told me the hand spankings just weren't enough he was going to get a paddle. I also got a $200 speeding ticket the other day while I was on my way home from seeing him. He told me I would be punished greatly for that. I was all for this idea of a paddle. I ended up picking up the paddle. Here is my experience with that which was today.

This is the paddle I ended up picking out. I only looked at one place in which I had seen a paddle before. Which was hobby lobby. We're going to look around for a different one at some point. This will due just fine for now though

I went in (we do this at his work place) and handed him the paddle. He made the comment on how big it is and how much it would hurt. I started to worry. He told me to get up it was time for my spanking I jokingly said no...he said why do you tell me no when you are about to be spanked? That's going to be extra and he pulled me up. We kissed and hugged then he told me to get on the wall. I did as I thought I usually do but to him it wasn't enough. I didn't have my ass out far enough. I finally got into the right position and he told me I was going to get 30 and to count them. We got to about 15 when I moved and tried to kiss him and say I had had enough...he did not like this. He put me back on the wall and told me we were starting over. We started back at 1 and got to about 24 when I flinched right before he was about to strike me. I know better than to flinch he made me start over. So back at 1 we were. I counted them out till 28 he told me for 29 and 30 not to make a sound (I had been whimpering before) and I did as I was told. I didn't make a peep or flinch. Finally I thought, this is over. Nope. I turned around and he asked if I was okay and I replied yes jerk...wrong answer! He said we would start over then changed his mind and said to go back to 25. Back at 25...he did the last five very hard and told me if I flinched it would begin at 1. I finished without flinching or back talking. During my spankings he will ask me why I am being spanked...for whatever reason my responses come out sarcastic. Which earns me an extra very hard swat. I was being spanked for talking back, not following directions and telling him no. I like to playfully tell him no which he does not tolerate. I seem to be having a hard time remembering not to tell him no!! So finally the spanking ended. He allowed me to keep my pants on since it was our first time with the paddle. He however never gives me a warm up spanking. My butt is killing me! I wouldn't have it any other way. He then went to sit down to finish his work and I said were not going to have sex!? Which surprised him because I have been so shy every other time. He usually makes me beg for sex. He was so happy I finally spoke up. We ended by having amazing sex. He has such a big dick and I love it. The pain and pleasure from that is amazing. I have a lot of paddle spankings to look forward to at our next session for speeding. And I'm sure between now and then I will back talk and add more to that. I am nervous but I handled today well so I think I'll make it:) We also get a hotel room when we can. I have a feeling we may become more. We both want this lifestyle so bad! I hope it becomes more, I would love for it to be more real. I would love to come home from school and mouth off and him take me into the bedroom and bend me over his knee and pull my pants and panties down and really punish me. Sigh....a girl can dream!

This was the result of the paddle. He loves the after pictures I send him:)

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